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Fundraising Opportunities

Quick Quack Car Wash always welcomes opportunities to assist local groups and charities in their fundraising efforts with environmentally friendly alternatives to parking lot car washing or other more complicated solutions.


The following are a few programs that we have developed for this purpose. We are also always interested in exploring additional ideas that you may have. Click here to request more information or to get started today.

  1. Sell Wash Cards :: Learn More
  2. Raffle, Auction and/or Door Prizes :: Request a Gift Bag
    Quick Quack Car Wash is always willing to donate Car Wash Vouchers, Wash Cards and/or Gift Bags to be used as prizes or auction items for fundraising events.
  3. A Day at the Car Wash :: Learn More
    Let us host your next fundraiser. You spread the word and have fun. We do all the work.
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