Should I wash My Car After The Rain?

It just rained and there’s a common question we get from customers and members:

“My car is clean enough from the rain, should I wash my car?” The answer is yes and here’s five 5 reasons to consider:

1.The pressure and intensity of the rain is not strong enough to effectively remove dirt and grime from a car’s surface.

2. Rainwater is often mixed with pollutants, such as dust and industrial emissions, which can make a car dirtier after being exposed to it.

3. Rain does not reach all parts of a car, such as the undercarriage, which can harbor a buildup of dirt and debris.

4. A car wash typically includes additional cleaning agents, such as soap and wax, that are not present in rainwater.

5. In a car wash, a machine or person can specifically target and clean certain areas of a car, such as the wheels and tires, which would not be cleaned effectively by rainwater alone.

Most Quick Quack Car Wash locations are open for your convivence seven days a week, rain, or shine. Our Better Ceramic and Lucky Duck wash packages include rain repel that helps increase visibility and assists in protecting your vehicle from the elements.

 Hurry don’t let that rainwater sit on your car.