Fundraising Opportunities

Let Quick Quack do what we do best: Wash cars (fast!). You do what you do best: Encourage and thank your supporters. It will make more money!

Quick Quack offers three ways to help your team, group or organization raise funds. Choose any or all of the options below.

A Day at the Car Wash
Raffle, Auction, Door Prizes
Sell Wash Cards

Let Quick Quack host your Car Wash Fundraiser

Before the event: Publicize and encourage your supporters to visit the car wash with a flyer or “ticket.”

2, 4, 6, 8 – Who do we appreciate?: For every customer with a flyer, ticket or voucher of support, Quick Quack will donate a portion of the proceeds according to the following:

  • $2 Donation of every Basic Wash
  • $4 Donation of every Clean Wash
  • $6 Donation of every Shine Wash
  • $8 Donation of every Protect Wash

Upgrade: For all other car wash customers that upgrade to the Protect Wash, Quick Quack agrees to give the organization $3 per vehicle during any time period in which your members or supporters are onsite at the car wash location

Quick Quack Car Wash is willing to donate items to be used as prizes or auction items for fundraising events.

  1. Set a Fundraising goal and time period.
  2. Choose to sell either $25 or $50 Gift Cards
  3. Request the number of Wash Cards from Quick Quack that you would like to sell
  4. Your organization will earn
    • $5 for every $25 Card sold
    • $15 for every $50 Card sold


Goal: $2,000

Sell 100 $50 Cards

Collect $5,000

Keep $1,500 for your organization

Send $3,500 to Quick Quack

Quick Quack will collect the unsold cards after 30 days and invoice your group for each card that is not returned.