How Popular Is Your Car?

Have you ever bought a new or used car and started seeing it everywhere? For example, you buy a red Honda Civic and suddenly you see five other red Honda Civics on the road. This is known as frequency illusion, also called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon by Psychologists.  

The truth is though there’s no increase in red Honda Civics on the road, you just start to notice them now that you have one. But, maybe your car is still popular in its own right. Continue reading to see how your car compares to other vehicles on the road.  

Most Popular Car Color 

According to Forbes, the most popular car color is white. Based on a review of over 6.1 million cars, 25.8 percent of vehicles are white. In close second, 22.3 percent of vehicles are black. Gray comes in third with 18.4 percent, Silver is fourth at 12.1 percent and Blue rounds out the top five with 9.5 percent.  

Most Popular Car - Make and Type  

The bestselling car of 2022 wasn’t a car at all, but a Ford F-Series—a popular pickup truck. The second bestselling vehicle was the Chevy Silverado, followed by the Ram Pickup and the Toyota RAV4. The only car to make the top five was the Toyota Camry based on a Car and Driver report. In fact, Toyota Camry is considered one of the most popular cars in the US.  

Most Popular Car Features

While most everyone wants a reliable vehicle, people also want an enjoyable ride. And it may come as no surprise that leather seats are the most popular car feature according to cars.com. Sunroof/moonroof comes in second and heated seats make the third most requested feature. Backup camera and navigation system complete the top five list.  

Most Popular Car Wash

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