Investor FAQ

Who Is Quick Quack Car Wash?

  • Quick Quack is a car wash industry leader with a strong and highly recognizable brand.

  • Quick Quack is a “pure play” express car wash company with a simple product offering, a high quality exterior car wash with free vacuums.

  • Quick Quack is fast, clean and loved…everywhere.

  • Quick Quack is a “Certified Green” company.

  • Quick Quack has significant community presence and involvement.

  • A key to Quick Quack’s growth is strong operating performance built upon a solid company culture.

What is going on in the car wash market?

  • The car wash market is currently restructuring around new technologies, improved cash controls, and a low labor operating model.

  • Consumer demand for car washing is growing, primarily in the exterior express sector.

  • The express car wash model is highly disruptive and focuses on a fast, high quality exterior wash.

  • This restructuring began slowly over the last two decades but has accelerated significantly since 2014.

  • Increasing demand for express car washes is being fueled by many factors, including 1) the emergence of a growing “do it for me” society, 2) an aging population, 3) increasing environmental consciousness, 4) increasing labor cost, and 5) the rise of unlimited monthly memberships.

  • These new generation car washes are in high demand in the retail sector because the product cannot be 1) purchased on the internet, or 2) shipped from overseas.

Is Quick Quack a public company?

  • No. Quick Quack is a privately held company.

Is Quick Quack growing?

  • Yes. Quick Quack is one of the fastest growing express car wash chains in the United States.

Do you franchise?

  • No, Quick Quack does not franchise

Can I invest in Quick Quack?

  • In addition to building its own facilities, Quick Quack has a Joint Venture investment model for outside investors.

  • This JV model is only available to accredited and approved investors.

  • Read here to understand SEC Accredited Investor rules (Link)

Is there a minimum investment amount?

  • Yes, $100,000.

How do I get approved?

  • Step 1 – You have read, and do you understand the FAQ’s above?     Yes
  • Step 2 – Click the “Qualify Me” button below and complete the information form.
  • Step 3 – Have a telephone interview to determine cultural and risk profile compatibility.

Are you an accredited investor?   Yes    No 
Are you an owner/investor in another car wash?   Yes    No 
What best describes your investment interest?    $100K-$500K      $500K-$1M      $1M+