Pollen And Your Car

You may have noticed more birds flying in your yard, bees buzzing around, days warming up and getting longer. Or perhaps you’re starting to see flowers bloom. Either way, there’s no denying Spring is on the way. And unfortunately, so is the pollen.  

Pollen can be a nuisance for allergy sufferers, leading to watery eyes and runny noses. But pollen can also have negative effects on your car. If left untreated, pollen can cause irreparable damage. Here are some ways pollen harms your vehicle and how to prevent pollen damage: 

Pollen can damage your car’s paint  

When pollen settles on your car’s paint, it can create a film that, if left unattended, can damage the paint over time. If the pollen is not washed away, it can cause small scratches on the paint that can eventually lead to rust.  

Pollen can reduce visibility and damage your windshield 

Pollen can also accumulate on your windshield and obstruct your view while driving. If not removed promptly, it can cause pitting or scratching on the glass, which can be expensive to repair or replace.  

Pollen can clog air filters  

If your car’s air filters become clogged with pollen, it can affect the air flow to your engine and reduce your car’s performance. This can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and even damage to the engine.  

Keeping your air filters clean and replacing them regularly can help ensure that your car runs smoothly. Additionally, you can use a car cover or park your car in a covered area to minimize the amount of pollen that settles on your vehicle.  

Start your Spring with Spring cleaning, even for your car.  Simply rinsing your car with water will not fully remove the pollen. Bring your car to a trusted car wash, like Quick Quack Car Wash, to thoroughly wash away the pollen and help protect the topcoat with a wax sealant to help prevent future damage.  

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