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Changing Lives For The Better.

Quick Quack Car Wash started as an idea Jason Johnson had while in grad school. He decided to leave his job in corporate finance and opened his first express car wash.

After some successes, and some challenges, Jason and his founding partners opened more car washes, growing to six car wash locations throughout Sacramento.

During this time, an opportunity emerged to acquire a small car wash chain in Texas, branded Quick Quack Car Wash. With the acquisition, the Quick Quack brand was adopted companywide.

While business was growing, Jason and the other four founding partners wanted to create something unique.

They wanted to prove that you can be nice and still win. That a culture of kindness had a place in the business world. And they set out to build just that.

Founded on the values of smart, kind and driven, Quick Quack Car Wash’s mission is To Change Lives For The Better. They do this by mentoring Team Members and giving back to the communities they serve.

In fact, Quick Quack hosts a fundraiser with each new car wash they open, where they provide free car washes in exchange for donations. The donations are matched by Quick Quack and given to a local individual or family facing hardship or a local charitable organization. Each preview fundraiser raises between $3,000 to $5,000 on average.

Proving kindness can win, Quick Quack’s vision is to be Fast. Clean. Loved… Everywhere! They want to wash cars fast while still providing a clean, quality wash.

They want their customers and their unlimited car wash members to love the experience at Quick Quack. And, they want to be everywhere to better meet the needs of their customers and members.

With more than Array car wash locations across Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and Utah, Quick Quack is one of the largest car washes in the nation. With more locations planned for 2023, finding a Quick Quack near you will be even easier than before.