5 reasons to embrace regular car washes

The Best Getaway Is a Clean Getaway

Getting your car washed on a regular basis is an essential part of its maintenance schedule. It’s easy to overlook routine upkeep like oil changes, tire rotations and washing and waxing, but these details can make a big difference in both safety and performance over the long term. Here are the top five reasons to make a habit of getting regular Quick Quack car washes.

1. Clean Cars Are Safer

When your car is dirty, it’s a bit more dangerous to drive. Dirty windows, windshield and mirrors distract you and cut down your visibility, which can increase your chances of getting in an accident. Even a thin coating of dirt on your various vehicle lights and safety reflectors can make your car harder for others to see in low light conditions. And when it’s dark, it’s also harder for you to see others. Tires that are covered in dirt wear down a bit quicker than clean ones. All the random road gunk that builds up on your tires’ surfaces can also reduce the friction between them and the road, giving you less control over your car. Regular washing helps keep your windshield, windows, mirrors, lights, tires and wheels as safe as possible.

2. Protect Your Exterior

When your car hasn’t been washed in a while, dirt and grime can start to build up on the body and eat into its clear coat. The clear coat is your car’s transparent exterior finish that helps the paint shine. It’s a pretty tough coating, but things like bird poop, bugs, tree sap, road salt, acid rain and coffee spills contain acidic elements that can slowly harden into the coat and damage it. Our unlimited car wash membership will help you regularly remove these harmful particles. The included Wax to Seal process will then fill in any holes or scratches in the coat from gunk you may have left sitting on the paint for too long.

3. Protect Your Interior

Chemicals and pollutants from your own engine or the outside world can leak onto your car’s moving parts and damage them over time. Regularly cleaning your car’s mechanical underbelly will clear out these substances before they can ruin anything important. Frequent washing and waxing will also keep your paint job in the best shape to prevent moisture from getting into vulnerable parts of your car’s interior where it could start a rust riot.

4. Save Energy

A dirty car can be a real drag, and we mean that literally. When it’s clean, your car’s surface can take full advantage of its aerodynamic curves to slice smoothly through air resistance, even at high speeds. A coating of dirt on the surface increases your car’s drag. That makes it use more energy than going the same distance with a clean surface. Even a fast express car wash can boost your energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint.

5. Clean Car, Clean Mind

Just like a made bed or an uncluttered desk, a clean car can lift that heavy feeling off your chest. Keeping your surroundings spotless and orderly can give you a positive boost and put you in a peaceful mood. Getting your car washed is fun! It’s spotlessly satisfying to drive a dirty car through a storm of bubbles and spray and watch it emerge sparkling on the other side. Join your Quick Quack partners in grime, and stop by for a drive-through wash and wax to make your car safer, prettier and more efficient.