Why A Car Wash Membership?

Customers who plan to wash their cars more than twice a month could save money when they enroll in an unlimited car wash membership.

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Routine cleaning

It not only helps your car look great but could help improve your driving visibility and preserve your surface coat.

Here’s how:

Makes Your Car Shine

Our sealants fill in the porous marks and micro divots that your car’s clear coat gets with age, helping your car keep its shine.

Break Down the Yuck

Sure we love birds, but not their droppings. Or the little bugs that cake on the windshield. Quick Quack car wash uses low pH soaps to break down the yuck.

Maintain Visibility

Like water off a duck’s back, rain repellent can aid in keeping your windshield clear while minimizing streaks and spots.

ReasonsTo GoUnlimited*
  • 1 Wash All You WantWhen you Want. Where you want. Wash at any Quick Quack location near your home, work, school, or while traveling to your next adventure.
  • 2 Save Money Get the most bang for your duck. Our membership plans could help you save on your monthly washes.
  • 3 Easy PeasyNo long-term commitment. Manage your account online. Auto-payments.
  • 4 Fly In…Fly Out.Faster service. Members-only Lane at some locations. Plus, exclusive member perks.
  • 5 Flock Plans.Keep multiple cars in your family clean with multi-car discount pricing. All managed from a single account.
*See Terms of Service for details and limitations.

Membership FAQs

An unlimited membership lets you wash your car as often as you like at any Quick Quack location. You can purchase an unlimited membership for any of our three wash packages. An unlimited membership provides great value and is an easy way to ensure that you Don't Drive Dirty®.

To purchase a membership, select your preferred wash package. From there, visit myQQ to sign up. It only takes a few minutes to register and create an account. Then add your license plate number or VIN so your car can be quickly identified when you visit any Quick Quack. You can also sign up at any Quick Quack Car Wash location.

You can add up to four vehicles to any unlimited membership–so everyone in your flock can drive happy in a clean car. You can add more cars to your plan by signing onto your account at myQQ, our member portal, or at any Quick Quack location.

Yes. You can change your membership plan by submitting a request or asking a car wash Team Member to submit a request for you.

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Please visit Contact us, select “Request Cancel” and complete the form. You can also call us at 888-772-2792 and a Customer Care Representative can assist you. Since you’ll already have paid for the current pay period, your membership will stay active through the end of the current period. No further payments will be drawn.

Become a member today!

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