Family driving to car wash

Fun 3-Minute Activities to Strengthen Family Ties

Whether you find yourself stuck in the middle of a traffic jam or a restaurant’s drive-through line, you know how quickly boredom can develop. Both younger kids and teens can begin arguing and annoying each other. Or they just ignore everyone and focus on their phones. Try these simple activities that take three minutes or less to have some family fun instead. 

Dance Party

You don’t need a lot of space to dance as long as you have the right music. Try picking a new station at random and busting loose with your best moves as soon as the beat moves you. You can even turn it into a contest where your family picks the best dancer. They then get to pick the next song or station. 

License Plate Challenge

Everyone tries to spot license plates for as many states as possible, and someone who’s not driving tallies them. Award one point for each state, two for Canada or Mexico and five for any other foreign country. Whoever scores the most points in three minutes gets something they’d like to see on their plate — cookies maybe? 

Themed Drawings

Invest in some washable markers or colored spray foam. Give everyone a theme, and ask them to decorate their window to match the theme. Make sure you pick decorations that are easy to remove later. Kids of all ages will love doing something they usually can’t do in the car. 

Would You Rather?

Playing this game is as easy as choosing two things and letting everyone decide which one they’d rather do. You can easily cater the questions to fit the ages of your kids, too. Younger kids might get a kick out of you asking if they’d rather go to Disney World or the zoo or if they’d rather shake hands with Big Bird or SpongeBob SquarePants. Older kids might need to choose which of two baseball teams they’d like to see in action, sports cars they’d like to drive or celebrities they’d like to meet. No winners or losers — just a fun way to get to know each other better.