Seasonal car wash

Why a Freshly Washed Car is a Must for Fall

How a Good Car Wash Can Enhance the Fall Season

Between the summer months and early fall, you may not think very hard about a clean car. It’s easy to get caught up in fun events such as road trips and backyard cookouts.

Those summer months can take a toll on your car. But before the fall semester begins, you may want to consider another measure. An express car wash can help you start the school year off in style and comfort. Here’s how a car cleaning can brighten your day as well as your vehicle.

Reduces Stress and Boosts Happiness

A tidy space is beneficial to your mind. It gives you a sense of control and provides contentment and harmony. You can have great peace of mind with a car that’s clean and organized. An air freshener of your choice can add fuel to your happiness.

Eliminates Pet Odors

Long vacations and family trips with your dog leave a residue of pet dander and odors. When you get back, check for “car cleaning near me,” and head for the closest Quick Quack Car Wash. Our free vacuum can eliminate a lot of pet hair. A thorough car cleaning should also include shampoo for the upholstery and tidying up the interior with our free dash wipes.

Clears Allergens Due to Pollen

Pollen has a way of sneaking into your car. It can break into tiny particles and cause all sorts of respiratory issues. Plus, it can build up on the exterior and impact the paint on your car. A brushless car wash should reduce most toxins and keep your vehicle looking sharp.

Keeps Passengers Happy

A good car cleaning on the inside makes your car smell good. Your kids will be grateful to have a clean car in which to enjoy a good ride to and from school. A car that’s clean and organized gives you and your passengers peace of mind as you know where everything is.

Prevents Corrosion

The oncoming winter months can take a toll on your vehicle. And it’s not just the engine that’s impacted by chilly temperatures. Did you know that snow and freezing rain can cause the exterior to rust?

Water alone causes rust. But snow may contain harsh chemicals that come from melting salts or exhaust. These can settle in and cause damaging corrosion that spreads quickly. A thorough car washing can help protect your car’s exterior from rust throughout the winter.

Removes Dirt and Residue

A quick drive-thru car wash can remove dirt, dust and tree sap from the exterior. Follow this up with a good polish for a shiny finish.

An automatic car wash should also tackle your interior. A car wash vacuum can remove food and dirt from the floor and seats. You can touch up the dashboard with a cleaning cloth. A scented air freshener will add a burst of fragrance.

A clean car has many benefits for the fall season. Visit a Quick Quack near you to learn more.