How To Make The Most of The Extra Day

This year we get an extra day on Thursday, February 29. Here are some fun ways for you and your family to make the most of it. 

Start A Time Capsule

A lot has happened in the past four years. So much so, that it’s almost hard to imagine what the next four years will bring. So, have everyone in your family gather something historic from the past four years, and a few photos, and put in a box to open on the next leap year. Bonus points if you include predications and they come true. 

Leap Like A Frog

A fun way to spend an extra day is to play games. And to celebrate Leap Year, you can make them all themed. From Leap Frog, to Hopscotch, and Jump Rope, to Lily Pad Hop, there are endless ways to play fun leaping games. 

Learn Something New

Now is the perfect time to use the extra time to learn something new. You can learn how to make a new recipe, do a different workout, try to paint or even learn a new language. You can find videos on YouTube, or sign up for local classes in your community, to learn new skills for free.

Make A Wish

If you were born on Leap Year, this day is for you! Have a big party to celebrate your special birthday. Encourage your friends to dress up as their favorite leaping animal and serve spicy foods that will make people leap out of their seats.

Get A Leap On Spring Cleaning

See what we did there. But seriously, an extra day is a good time to get organized. And the fastest way to do that is with an express car wash. From our triple foam wash to ceramic coating, we can get your car clean and back on the road in record time. If you have a few extra minutes, stop by the pond to enjoy our vacuums. Nothing beats how clean feels. And we want you to feel great this Leap Year.