Quick Quack Car Wash Fundraisers

We make fundraising easy, fun and profitable.

You keep up to 50% of all profits. Whether you’re a school, youth group, sports team, religious group or other organization, we have several ways to help you reach your fundraising goal.

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Nonprofits We’ve Partnered With

Quick Quack has helped community groups like these raise over $1 million.


Fundraiser FAQs

Your organization can host one “Day At The Wash” AND one “Wash Card Sell” fundraiser per calendar year.

To get the most from your fundraiser, you may only host one event at a time.

You can choose any date and Quick Quack location to host your fundraiser assuming it doesn’t conflict with another event. We do ask that you plan a minimum of 30 days out from your agreement submission date so you can sufficiently plan and promote your event.

Yes. If a member comes through and shows your fundraising flyer, a portion of their monthly member payment will be credited to your fundraising total.

You may host your fundraiser at one location of your choosing.

Yes. Participants will have 90 days from your fundraiser start date to redeem their card.

No. You do not have to pay for the cards. For each card sold, you keep five dollars (50%) and return the other five dollars along with any unsold cards.

Participants can use their wash cards at any Quick Quack Car Wash location.

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