Car wind shield wiper

Help Protect Your Ride From The Elements

It’s no surprise that at Quick Quack Car Wash, we love washing cars. And helping people look and feel their best in a clean ride. In fact, our vision is to be Fast. Clean. Loved… Everywhere! 

But washing your car is more than just looking good. Routine car washing can help protect your vehicle from harmful environmental elements. Even if you live in an area with great weather year-round, your car could still be negatively impacted. Here are some common environmental containments to watch for: 


Driving in snow can expose your car to salt and other chemicals from the road. This exposure can cause rust on any unpainted surfaces on your car, especially the undercarriage. Getting a car wash that includes an undercarriage wash could help slow or inhibit the development of rush on the undercarriage.  


Rainwater carries pollutants that could be harmful to your car’s paint Washing your car after it rains can help remove the pollutants, and any dirty water spots left from the storm.  


The acidity in pollen could stain and erode your car’s clear coatThe longer pollen stays on your car higher the risk it can permeate into the paint and cause the paint to pit and fade. Rinsing your car with water is not enough. You need to wash your car thoroughly to remove pollen’s harmful effects. Waxing your car after a wash can offer additional protection to your car’s finish.

ree Sap. Bird Droppings. Dead Bugs.

These elements are not only unsightly but could also damage your car’s paint. If left for too long, tree sap can etch into the clear coat and leave permanent stains behind. At Quick Quack, we use a special Bug Blaster on your car’s bumper, windshield and side mirrors to break down the gunk while being gentle on paint.  


Saltwater can dull your cars finish overtime and cause rust damage to any exposed metal on your vehicle, including your wheels. Washing your car can remove the residual salt and help protect it from corrosion.  

No matter which environmental element is impacting your ride, Quick Quack Car Wash can help. Our fast, clean express car wash can remove harmful contaminants while sealing your car’s topcoat to help protect the paint. Our unlimited car wash membership makes it easy to wash as often as you like, at any location.