Get To Know Our Bug Blaster

If you’ve ever visited a Quick Quack Car Wash, your car has been treated to Bug Blaster. And, you may not have even noticed. So today, we’re going to share a little more about what our Bug Blaster is and how it helps clean your car. 

Bug Blaster is applied by a friendly Team Member right as you enter the car wash. You may have noticed a Team Member holding a small hose and directing the spray onto your front bumper, side mirrors and windshield. This spray— aka Bug Blaster—helps break down proteins on the surface of your vehicle such as bird poop, tree droppings and dead bugs.  

 The Bug Blaster is then removed during the car wash. This process helps make the car wash more effective by getting your car clean while gently removing natural debris.  

 Now, not all Bug Blaster is created equal. Some car washes will use only plain water to spray your car. While water will not harm your vehicle, it will not do much to help breakdown the gunk that can build on your bumper and windshield, potentially leaving unsightly dead bugs on your car.  

 At Quick Quack, like everything else in our car wash, our Bug Blaster is eco-friendly. We’re proud to use biodegradable soaps and reclaim water used during the wash.  

 So, the next time you notice a little yuck on your car, take it to your nearest Quick Quack Car Wash for some refreshing Bug Blaster.