Make Your Next Car Wash an Occasion for Family Fun

Sometimes, you just need an excuse to take a leisurely drive with the whole family. It is also a good idea to visit a car wash regularly. Combining these two ideas is an excellent way to spend a Sunday with the whole crew. Car washes are not only an important part of vehicle maintenance, but they also offer the perfect chance to go on an adventure your family will love.

Plan a Picnic or Hiking Excursion

Since you are already gathering everyone in the car, your family is halfway prepared for a hiking or camping trip. Just bring snacks, sunscreen, a blanket and any camping gear you may need. To complete your preparation, check the weather forecast and have everyone wear appropriate clothing for the event. To find a suitable park or camping spot, do a quick search for “car washes near me” on your phone’s GPS application. Then, search for “camping areas near me” and set the directions for getting from one location to the other.

Prepare Topics of Conversation

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find time for genuine discussions with your family. A car washing trip allows everyone to sit near each other and chat about anything that comes to mind. You can make the most of this time by thinking of topics beforehand. Consider planning a vacation, sharing thoughts about that mind-blowing movie you saw last week or simply checking in with your kids to see how they’re doing.

Make a Surprise Stop at a Family Favorite

You don’t always need to divulge the fun thing you are about to do after you get your car washed. Explain to your family that you would just like some time to sit and chat while getting your vehicle cleaned. Have a few topics of conversation prepared and pretend like nothing major is about to happen. On the way home from the car wash, head to the surprise location instead of returning home. Perhaps your family has a favorite restaurant, or a new amusement park just opened up in town.

If you are unsure of where to go for the surprise, do a quick search for a “car wash near me” in your GPS app. Once the map is fixated on the location of the car wash, do another search for “attractions near me” or “restaurants near me” if you want to grab a meal. Then, plan a route that makes it seem like you are going home at first before changing course for the special destination.

Plan a Family Car Wash Outing Today

As you can see, there are numerous creative ways to turn a routine car wash into the highlight of your family’s week. Keeping your vehicle clean and your family happy are both worthy endeavors. Accomplish both today by planning a fun surprise or family gathering as a well-earned bonus for taking care of your vehicle.