Winter Quick Quack Car Wash

How Winter Car Washes Save You Money

Winter Car Washes Can Yield Big Savings Down the Road

Although it may sound counterintuitive at first, forming the habit of getting regular car washes in winter can save you a great deal of cash later on. The initial investment takes a few bucks out of your pocket each time but offers a bundle of saving opportunities as long as you own the vehicle. In this modern economy, optimizing the value of your possessions is a major priority to consider. Let’s explore all the ways a consistent winter car cleaning regimen can help you get the most out of your favorite set of wheels.

Mitigating Rust and Other Maintenance Factors

Falling snow, road slush and other winter hazards can cause unnecessary wear on your car. This is especially apparent when you allow those substances to collect along your vehicle’s surface or underbelly. Take regular trips to the nearest car wash to maintain the strength of your paint and external components. The few dollars spent on a car wash are way more reasonable than the massive bill a mechanic would hand you. 

Preserve the Resale Value of Your Car 

Preowned vehicles cost a pretty penny these days, particularly when they are in good condition. When it comes time to visit the dealership, your mood will largely be determined by the state of your current automobile. A rusty car with chipped paint will see a decline in overall value. Thousands of dollars could be forfeited in a flash if you refrain from taking care of your car.  

A Reliable and Clean Water Supply

You may be tempted to wash the car yourself to save some additional cash. However, the debris, dirt, oil and other substances removed from your vehicle often flow into the sewer’s water supply in your neighborhood. Having dirty water in local sewers and bodies of water can lead to health complications and other concerns for everyone in the community. Calculating the direct cost is a bit uncertain, but the detrimental effects of tainted water far outweigh the money you could save with a DIY wash. 

Excess Water Usage

There is yet another reason to think twice about performing car washes at home. A professional drive-thru car wash will use less than 100 gallons of water on average for a thorough cleaning. A typical at-home car wash can use over 300 gallons. If you pay the water bill for your residence, you are better off taking your vehicle to an express car wash.

Make Winter Memories at the Car Wash

In addition to all the ways consistent winter car washes can save you money, a regular practice of visiting the drive-thru car wash is an ideal opportunity to spend some quality family time out of the house. It may be too cold to run around outdoors with your crew, but this time of year features beautiful snow-covered landscapes and plenty of sights to keep you occupied while driving about. Let Quick Quack’s friendly team perform this important vehicle maintenance step while you share wholesome time with your loved ones.