A family and their don driving in a car.

Fun Activities with Your Furry Friend

Just a few minutes of petting your dog will make you feel calmer and increase your dopamine and serotonin levels, so how great do you think you will feel after an entire day of canine companionship? A day out with your dog will give you a chance to try new things and meet new people as you pamper your pooch. To make sure not even a moment of your canine adventure is wasted, plan your day carefully and bring along everything you will need. Here are some tips for planning a day out that both you and your dog will love.

Preparing for a Dog Day Out

Before you and your dog head out for a day of fun, gather some essential supplies. You’ll need plastic bags to clean up after your pup, and you’ll also need bottled water and a bowl. Bring along plenty of treats and healthy drinks for your good boy or girl, and don’t forget to pack a towel because dogs love to get dirty. They also love to wander off and explore, so bring along a recent picture of your furry friend just in case he or she gets lost. While you’re driving between stops, make sure your furry friend is either secured in a crate or restrained by a doggie seat belt attachment.

A Dog Day Out Itinerary

No matter where you live, you can plan a great day out for your dog. You could start the day off with a trip to a local pet store to pick out a new toy and then head to a nearby dog park to give your four-legged friend a chance to show off. Parks, hiking trails and beaches are great places to visit on a dog day out, but check for signs before you let your pooch off his or her leash. Before you head back home, find a café with outdoor seating where you can enjoy a cold drink and treat your pup to bone broth or unsweetened coconut water. Then, sit back and reflect on what a great day you had and how lucky you are to have each other.

If You Don't Have a Dog

If you love dogs but don’t actually have a four-legged friend to call your own, you can still enjoy a great day out with a shelter pup. Most shelters now offer doggie day-out programs that allow people to spend a day with a dog who’s awaiting adoption. Spending all day cooped up in a kennel hoping to be adopted is not a lot of fun, but a few hours with you could remind a shelter dog of happier times and give him or her a new lease on life.

Wash Your Car

The last stop on your dog day out should be a visit to your nearest Quick Quack automatic car wash. Dogs are not the most patient creatures in the world, but that won’t be a problem because we will wash and shine your car in under three minutes. Dogs love to look out of the window as our brushless equipment removes road dirt and grime, and most of our locations have free dash wipes and vacuums you can use to eliminate drool and get pet hair off the seats. If you want to enjoy a great day out with your dog, include plenty of activities that you can both enjoy. When the sun starts to go down at the end of your day out, head over to Quick Quack to give your faithful car a little TLC.