Boy and girl watching a drive in movie.

5 TV Shows and Movies Set in Car Washes

Car washing is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Visiting an express car wash near you is a wise way to start a weekend trip or family adventure. The activity is such a staple of American life that Hollywood often includes car wash scenes in popular movies and television shows. When you stop by for your Quick Quack car wash, our goal is to capture the same family fun you have while gathering around the TV screen on movie night. Here are five of our favorite cinematic car wash examples that inspired our vision for a fun and engaging express car wash experience.


2016’s “Sing” is an eccentric animated film about animals with the ability to speak like humans. While the main plot involves a theater owner, there is a particularly memorable scene in which the protagonist, Buster, returns to his old job at a drive-through car wash. His cleaning performance is half-hearted — the exact opposite of the service you will receive at Quick Quack. However, the spectacle is quite humorous when it is happening to a fictional character on the other side of the screen.

"Car Wash"

As the title of this 1976 film implies, the bulk of the narrative takes place in a car wash in Los Angeles. The movie follows a day at the express car wash and examines the various characters that stop by for service. It is a fine illustration of the wide range of customers we enjoy regularly while operating within the car cleaning industry.


Matt Groening’s follow-up to “The Simpsons” lampooned popular culture from the perspective of the distant future. To that end, the scene we are referring to takes place at a “Streakless Robot Wash.” Bender goes in for a quick cleaning and must choose from three different rinse styles. The punchline comes in the form of rain that pours down from the sky as soon as Bender exits the garage. This is a pertinent reminder to always check the weather before scheduling a visit to your local car wash.

"The Simpsons"

With the sheer number of episodes available, the TV show “The Simpsons” has its fair share of car wash scenes, too. A particular standout is an episode where Comic Book Guy’s bumper stickers are pulled off by the car wash vacuum. You will never have to worry about this when having your vehicle cleaned at one of our locations.

"Every Which Way But Loose"

In this Clint Eastwood classic, the action star must battle some bikers in a chase that transitions from the streets into a car wash. The cleaning facility is simply a backdrop in this scene, but we enjoy seeing our industry represented on the big screen.

"Finding Your Closest Car Wash

To find your nearest car wash, search “car washes near me” on your preferred GPS app. At any of Quick Quack’s convenient locations, you can stop by the same day for excellent service and a thorough vehicle cleaning.