SUV driving on snow

Quick Quack Can Protect Your Car Against Winter Road Salt

If you live in an area where temperatures plunge into the single digits in winter, you need to take steps to protect your car from road salt. The rock salt that municipalities use to deice roads in winter has crystals far larger than the table salt you sprinkle on your French fries, and they can damage your paint and create rust. Fortunately, all you have to do to prevent road salt from damaging your ride is visit a Quick Quack Car Wash. 

How Salt Damages Vehicles

Road salt keeps roadways from becoming treacherous by lowering the freezing point of water and preventing ice from forming, but it also causes unwanted damage to vehicles. Salt is a corrosive substance that can eat through wax and automobile paint if it is not washed off promptly, and it becomes even more damaging when it mixes with water. This creates a substance with powerful electrolyte properties that can eat through steel. Once rust takes hold, it usually spreads quickly.  

How Quick Quack Can Protect Your Car From Road Salt

It takes time for salt to do its damage, which means protecting your car’s paint and keeping rust at bay is easy as long as you take action right away. Whenever you drive on de-iced roads, or the weather forecast predicts snow or ice, just head over to your nearest Quick Quack Car Wash to add a protective layer of wax to your paint finish and clean salt from your undercarriage. You won’t have to wait long because our friendly car wash team will have you back on the road in about three minutes. You’ll love the way your car looks, or we will clean it again for free. Here are a few of the ways that a visit to a Quick Quack car wash can protect your car from road salt: 

  • Paint protection: Our three-step paint sealant process adds a layer of carnauba wax and silicone to your paint that creates a barrier of protection against salt. It will also leave your car looking great.
  • Undercarriage rust protection: Your chassis and undercarriage will be splattered by a corrosive salt and water mixture if you drive on deiced roads, but a visit to a Quick Quack express car wash will remove it. We will also spray your undercarriage with a rust inhibitor for added protection.
  • Brushless system: Quick Quack car washes have a completely brushless system. That means that a visit to Quick Quack won’t leave tiny scratches in your paint that salt can penetrate.
  • Advanced water filtration: Most car washes reuse water to lower their utility bills, which means they sometimes wash cars in water that contains traces of road salt. Quick Quack’s water reclamation system has a filtration process that removes soap, soil, oil and road salt.

Save Money With an Unlimited Car Wash Membership

If you live in an area where the roads are salted often, you’ll want to wash your car regularly to protect it from salt. A Quick Quack car wash membership takes the financial sting out of keeping your car looking like new because it gives you all the washes you want for one low price. Click the button below to become a member today!