Wash Your Car to Keep Road Salt at Bay This Winter

During freezing weather, you may see trucks laying road salt on the streets to keep them from icing up. While the salt is great for your safety, it’s not so great for your car. Road salt is chemically similar to table salt, but it’s combined with sand to provide traction on slippery roads and keep the salt in place. As you drive, the salt splashes onto the surface of your car and stays there. Repeated exposure to road salt can lead to rust and corrosion on your car’s body, undercarriage and other systems. Left unattended, it can damage your car’s finish, decrease its value and even make it dangerous to drive.  

It’s important to deal with road salt before it causes serious problems. To reduce the impact of road salt on your car, follow these tips.  

Add a Protective Coating

Car wax can shield your car’s paint from water, dirt and road salt. It can also make your car easier to wash. At Quick Quack Car Wash, we offer Ceramic Duck, a unique ceramic car wash that not only puts a bright, smooth shine on your vehicle but also offers a crucial layer of protection from the elements. The ceramic finish contains particles that bond to the surface, helping prevent damage from harsh weather like snow and rain and invasive elements like road salt, bugs and pollen.

Wash Your Car Regularly

During winter, regular washing gets rid of road salt and prevents corrosion and rust. An express car wash can thoroughly rinse away salt and grime from your car’s body, tires and undercarriage without damaging its finish. Whenever it rains or snows, wash your car as soon as possible. Always make sure your car dries completely before you hit the road. 

Inspect for Damage

Every week, check your car’s finish and components for wear and rust. Before and after winter, take your vehicle to a mechanic who can also check for any issues. This simple step can prevent expensive repairs and dangerous mechanical failures down the road.  

Avoid Puddles and Potholes

Driving over potholes and puddles after a storm can splash road salt onto your car. Steer clear of these hazards to minimize your chance of exposure.   

Regular Washes Go a Long Way Toward Keeping Your Car Salt-Free

Road salt can be hard on your car, but you can reduce its impact and prevent damage with regular maintenance. At Quick Quack Car Wash, we want to help protect the value and safety of your car while keeping it sparkling clean all winter. Stop by today for an express wash or the Ceramic Duck experience, and leave the salt on the road, where it belongs.