How To Get The Best Experience From Your Wash

Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you that one of their favorite features of our car wash is all of the wonderful, scented soaps they can smell. And, we want to ensure you don’t miss out on this fragrant experience. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the full experience from your car wash.

Turn Your Air Recirculation Off

Recirculation refers to the recirculation of air within the vehicle. When you turn on recirculation mode, the car’s ventilation system circulates and filters air from within the cabin, rather than bringing in fresh air from outside. However, when you turn the air recirculation off, your car can draw in air from the outside. This will help bring all the fragrant scents from the wash into your vehicle.

Look For The Colors

If you’re getting a Lucky Duck or Ceramic Duck wash, you don’t want to miss the light show. While it may be tempting to clean your dash, we recommend paying full attention throughout the car wash so you can see all of the colorful soaps as they wash your vehicle.

Stop By The Pond

Once your car is clean, you’ll want the inside to look nice too. Make sure to pull into the pond before leaving to vacuum your car. This is a great time to use your free dash wipe too. You’ll find towels and air nozzles next to the vacuum stations to help get rid of any dust or dirt inside the vehicle.  

Visit Us Again

Now that you’ve gotten the most from your car wash, you’ll want to visit Quick Quack Car Wash again and again for all the fun. Oh, and to make sure your car looks good too. And our unlimited car wash memberships make it easy and affordable to wash as often as you want. At any location.   

So, make the time to stop and smell the soap. Visit your nearest Quick Quack, turn the air recirculation off and enjoy the wash.