Quick Quack Removes the Elbow Grease From Spring Car Cleaning

Birds are chirping, days are getting longer and flowers are starting to bud. All this adds up to one thing: Spring is finally here. Spring is a time to enjoy the outdoors and wonder at the marvels of nature, and it’s also a time to get some cleaning done. As you plan your spring cleaning, be sure to add a thorough car wash to your to-do list. A clean car will give you a sense of pride every time you get behind the wheel, but achieving that showroom shine takes a lot of elbow grease. That’s where Quick Quack comes in. We can make your car look great in minutes instead of hours, and our friendly team members will make sure you leave with a smile on your face.

Brushless Cleaning for a Showroom Shine

The process at Quick Quack car wash is effective and easy on your car’s paint. We clean your vehicle with strips of cloth that gently remove road dirt and grime. One of our team members will spray the front of your car with Bug Blaster before you enter the car wash conveyor, which will break down all of the bird poop, tree sap and squished bugs that can turn washing a car in a driveway into an ordeal. You can add treatments to our standard car wash that apply rust inhibitor to your undercarriage, clean your wheels and shine your tires and treat your windshield with rain repellent.

Fast and Convenient

Nobody wants to spend time waiting in a car wash line when the weather is great and there is plenty to do, and you don’t have to at Quick Quack. Our car washes can clean 165 cars every hour, and we can get you in and out in three minutes or less. Put on your favorite song when you pull into a Quick Quack car wash, and you may be back on the road before the final chord. If you want the inside of your car to look as good as the outside, you can find free vacuums and dash wipes at most of our locations.

Environmentally Friendly

If you wash your car in your driveway, you will use about 100 gallons of water. That’s not good for the environment, so Quick Quack offers a more sustainable alternative. Our water reclamation system filters out soap, oil and soil, and it allows to get your car back to looking its best while using as few as 15 gallons of water. We also use eco-friendly soaps that we never discharge into storm drains, and our car washes are brightly illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights.

Stop in to Give Your Car That Spring-Clean Feeling

Spring is here, so it’s time to give your car back its showroom shine. Stop in at a Quick Quack car wash today to give your car a spring overhaul. If you want to keep your car looking good all year long, you can opt for a membership package that offers unlimited washes for one low price.