The 10 Best Southwest US Destinations for Nature Lovers

The great outdoors offers a wide collection of awe-inspiring sights and exhilarating experiences to enjoy. The only thing better than visiting one of these spots is to plan a road trip that includes multiple nature havens. We compiled the following list of landmarks that nature lovers must see to believe. While visiting some of these iconic locations, stop by your nearest Quick Quack for impeccable service and an express car wash that your vehicle will thank you for.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is an incredibly popular tourist destination, and one look will quickly reveal why. The town is located near a majestic desert that is chock-full of interesting colors throughout the day. Gorgeous red rocks accompany the spectrum of lights at sunrise. Then, explore museums and art galleries for additional beauty. You can even visit one of our Quick Quack Car Washes in Arizona to keep your car looking fresh as you travel through the desert town.

Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell is lush with water-based activities and sights that will keep you hooked for hours on end. This body of water stretches from Utah to Arizona and features over 90 unique canyons to visit. Explore on your own, or hire one of the plentiful tour guides who can highlight the coolest spots on the lake. When you take a break, stop by one of our Quick Quack Car Washes in Utah to give your vehicle some much-deserved care.

Tonto Natural Bridge, Arizona

This state park features an impressive travertine bridge that stands 183 feet high. Hikers will get a huge kick out of exploring this region and venturing into the canyon below. Many eroded passageways form caverns and other trails to traverse. With a group of friends or family, Tonto becomes one of the most fun places to go hiking in the Southwest.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Historians and archeologists will love Mesa Verde’s rich history of Puebloan culture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to nearly 5,000 archaeological sites, each with unique discoveries and content to pursue. If you take a break from digging for rare fossils and artifacts, stop by a Quick Quack Car Wash in Colorado to make sure your ride is squeaky clean and ready for adventure.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Being one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon needs little introduction. This destination is a bucket-list item for many, so why not make the trip as soon as possible? There are numerous tours to join as you explore the perimeter of the canyon. As you build up familiarity with the area, consider a helicopter ride that dips into the canyon or a mule ride to its bottom for an unforgettable thrill.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

This immense park is home to numerous activities that nature lovers will enjoy. Follow one of the hiking trails, or sit down for a cozy picnic by the water. You can also ride horses in several designated areas. If you are bold enough, join the rock climbers as they ascend the jagged cliffs above. Sitting in peace to observe all the action is fine, too. The Garden of the Gods has something fun for the whole family and is a great place to stop before getting your car washed at Quick Quack on the way home.

Havasu Canyon, Arizona

This lesser-known portion of the Grand Canyon is a worthy stop in its own right. Located on the Havasupai Native Reservation, this canyon boasts some of the most beautiful water in the world. The crystal blue swimming pools contrast with the red rock formations to form picturesque views from every conceivable angle. Havasu Canyon requires a 10-mile hike just to gain access, and this is well worth it for nature lovers who must see the water for themselves. The trek is highly entertaining, so don’t let the length deter you from this wonderous gem of a location.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Upon arriving at Carlsbad, things may not seem all that special. However, after you get on the elevator that takes you below the surface, you will be greeted by a stunning view of illuminated walkways and passages. The caverns are roughly 75 stories deep, so there is a lot to look at once your elevator arrives down below. There are over 300 cave passages to explore, and curious visitors discover more each year.

Mojave National Preserve, California

This massive, 1.6-million-acre plot of land is home to a vast ecosystem of living beings. You may not see much at first, but stop to listen, and you will hear a symphony of sounds coming from the local inhabitants. They include bighorn sheep, mule deer, bobcats, cougars, kit foxes, and lots more, including many species of bats and birds. No ducks that we know of, though. Mounds such as the Kelso Dunes hide tons of lifeforms in the holes and crevices located on each hill. If you love to observe animals or just wish to relax in a wide-open space, then Mojave is for you. Plus, you can keep all the dust and sand at bay by visiting a Quick Quack Car Wash in California on your way back into town.

Longhorn Caverns, Texas

Longhorn Caverns fits right at home in Texas, the state that loves to make everything bigger. Featuring over 3,000 cave systems, the mazelike structure of Longhorn Caverns is more than enough

for any adventurer to sink dozens of hours into. Some tunnels allow you to experience complete darkness, which is a rare phenomenon in our modern world of electricity. Once you come back to the surface, be sure to stop by a Quick Quack Car Wash in Texas to keep your vehicle spotless.

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