Must-Haves for a Winter Road Trip

Road trips aren’t just for hot summer days. Winter offers just as much fun. You can stop at hotels along the way and explore roadside attractions you never heard of before. Before you hop in your car and take off, take a look at the must-haves you need for the journey

Emergency Kit

Either buy a prepared emergency kit or put one together. You can easily tuck it into your trunk or the back seat without worrying about it taking up too much space. A good kit will include flares to let others spot you and simple tools for making repairs on the fly. Consider adding a tire patch kit and jumper cables, too. If you have more space, include a portable charger. 

Blankets and Extra Clothing

How would you and your passengers feel if your heater went out in the middle of your trip? Taking along the right road trip essentials like extra clothing and blankets will keep everyone warm. You can use emergency blankets, but ones from home will help you feel a little cozier, especially if you’re stuck at the side of the road. 


When your trips take you off the beaten path, don’t forget a spare charger or cord. Many modern vehicles now come with a wireless charging pad, but a portable charger comes in handy if the built-in model stops working. As long as you have the right cords, a power bank will charge all your devices and give you an easy way to call for help. 


If you hit the road in a truck or an SUV, bring along some bags of sand. They will add weight to the back of the vehicle and can keep you from sliding around on slick roads. If your vehicle slides off the road, you can put down a layer of sand and get the traction you need to escape a tricky situation. Clay kitty litter works just as well.


Traveling with kids almost requires that you bring along some snacks. Even older kids will want to stop more than you would like. Pack a cooler with some simple sandwiches and veggies or single-serve yogurt containers. Don’t forget about drinks like water and juice. It’s easy to throw in nonperishable snacks to keep your family satisfied between stops. Popular snacks include granola bars, string cheese, nuts and beef jerky. You can also bring along single-serving containers of peanut butter or other nut butter to spread onto veggies or crackers. 

Start Off With a Clean Ride

From a holiday trip to see loved ones to a fun vacation at a ski resort, you can stay safe this winter on any road trip with the right essentials. Stop by a Quick Quack Car Wash near you to clean your vehicle, too. This gives you an opportunity to check the car’s body for visible signs of damage and find anything that needs attention before you set off.