Kids in car having fun

5 Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy on Your Next Road Trip

With road trip season right around the corner, courageous explorers across the country will soon start gearing up for their next cross-country adventure.

You may be an all-star at packing the car or have a knack for making the snacks, but things like how much gas your vehicle uses are out of your hands, right? Or might there be something you can do to help maximize your fuel efficiency on your next road trip?

I Spy

“I spy with my little eye …” Kids of all ages enjoy playing the simple game that begins with this familiar phrase. One family member gives a hint, such as “something blue,” and everyone takes turns trying to guess the answer. Is it a lake? The sky? The sweater a sibling is wearing? For the person who posed the question, the trick to winning the game is to avoid looking directly at the object in question. That’s harder to do than you might think!

20 Questions

Another classic diversion, this game revolves around identifying a mystery object. Players are allowed to pose 20 questions to deduce the answer. The answers can only be “Yes” or “No.” Is it bigger than a breadbox? Yes! Is it a person? Yes! A man? No! A woman? Yes! Someone we know? Yes! Excitement builds as the questioner gets closer to solving the puzzle.

Scavenger Hunt

Like the scavenger hunt game kids play at home or school, this game consists of finding items on a specific list. In this case, players spot the item by looking out the car windows. You can print out a list for the kids in advance or buy a road-ready version at your local toy store. Objects can range from road signs, animals and mailboxes to the nearest car wash, gas station or favorite fast-food restaurant.

Carpool Karaoke

When sitting cooped up together in a car begins to wear on young family members, a sing-along can redirect their energy. The best strategy is to create playlists ahead of time with songs that everyone can enjoy. Turning on the radio and going with the flow is another option. Packing a karaoke microphone is a great way to invite family members to take turns singing their favorite tunes. In a pinch, a hairbrush can work as a pretend mic.

Drive-Thru Car Wash

No matter how much fun you have inside your car during a road trip, keeping your hands on the wheel all day can get monotonous. Why not shake things up with a quick visit to an automatic car wash? It’s like an amusement park ride for the kids and a welcome break from driving for you. Plus, you get a clean car! With more than 200 locations, chances are there’s a Quick Quack Car Wash on your route. At Quick Quack Car Wash, we’re proud to provide car-washing services that help make road trips more enjoyable for you and your family. Wherever your adventures lead, happy trails to you!