How a Car Wash Helps

Nothing beats the wintertime blues like a sparkling vehicle fresh from Quick Quack Car Wash. A good wash can protect your car from the frosty weather to come. And it can boost your mood. Here are some tips for getting your car ready for winter. 

Listen to the Weather Forecast

There’s nothing more harrowing than dealing with frozen locks and door handles. The good news is that it’s preventable. Check the weather report and take note when the temperature approaches 32°F. An unlimited Quick Quack membership lets you wash your car anytime you want. 

Find a Car Wash That Has a Dryer

Let’s face it. You wouldn’t leave the house until your hair is dry, so why should your vehicle be different? Maybe cars don’t catch colds, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t impacted by winter weather in other ways. Locks and door handles can freeze. Salt from the roads can stick to your vehicle’s exterior, undoing the effects of a thorough car wash. A good dry protects your car from ice and salt accumulation. We offer top-notch car drying services. Our Multi Directional Power Dryers will dry your car from top to bottom, front to back. 

Top Off Your Car Wash With a Wax

Nothing protects your vehicle’s exterior like a good wax. It’s an excellent road salt repellent. Plus, it keeps your vehicle looking shiny and new. And speaking of shine, it’s good to have one to guard against rust, scrapes and swirls. For best results, follow up with a thorough heat dry. Quick Quack will clean, shine and dry your car in under three minutes. We offer vacuuming and free dash wipes for your interior. We’ll finish up with good tire shine. 

Get a Thorough Exterior Wash

A good exterior wash frees your car from dirt and particles. We use spinning wraps made of hand-cut cloth strips designed for a gentle touch. And we’re green as well as clean, using eco-friendly soaps with a pH-balanced formula designed to preserve your paint. Your car will be clean without losing its luster. Our Triple Foam Wash provides a spotless look with a beautiful shine. Our scented soaps tackle dirt with a vengeance while leaving a pleasant scent. 

Tackle the Undercarriage

A good wash and wax are great for guarding against rust. But let’s not forget the undercarriage. It’s an excellent hiding place for dust and debris as well as road salt. Our Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor will clean that and help rid you of that road salt collection. 

A clean car with a wax is the cure for the wintertime blues. Visit a Quick Quack Car Wash near you to learn more.