Tips and Tricks to Ready Your Electric Vehicle for Winter

Cars need a little extra care in winter, and electric vehicles (EVs) are no exception. EVs run a little differently than gas-powered cars, so you’ll need to take a few extra steps to keep yours performing well. To get your EV ready for the colder weather ahead, follow these tips. 

Keep Your Battery Charged

When the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, your battery can drain in a few hours. To be sure you’ll get where you’re going, keep the battery level above 50%, and be sure to plug in your car before the charge drops to 20%. This helps give you peace of mind if you hit a detour or get off track.  

Plan Ahead

To avoid wasting your battery, plan your trip ahead of time. If the weather is cold, set the car to finish charging when you need to leave. Otherwise, the battery will lose its charge as the car sits idle. 

Use Your Garage

Parking your car in a warm garage can help your battery hold its charge. If you’re out and about, try to use the parking garages at shopping centers, offices and so on during the winter. Leaving your car out in the cold will cause the battery to drain faster and reduce the car’s range. 

Preheat Your Car

Set your car to preheat while it’s charging before you leave the house to help save its battery. Pick your departure time, select your ideal interior temperature and then set the car to stop charging when it’s time to go. When you start driving, lower the heat setting to save power and use the heated seats and steering wheel to stay warm.  

Check Your Tires

As the weather gets cold, your tires can begin to contract and lose their grip on the road. When the temperature drops 10 degrees, the tire pressure can decrease by 1 pound per square inch (PSI). Maintaining proper tire pressure can optimize battery performance and increase your car’s energy efficiency.  

Use Eco Mode

EV eco mode reduces power consumption by limiting the energy supply to the heater and the motor. This setting can help you maximize your battery’s efficiency and boost your range. Since power to the motor is limited, many EVs accelerate more slowly in eco mode. This can help you reduce the chance of sliding on slick roads.

Wash Your Car

During the colder months, it’s a good idea to wash your car every two weeks to prevent rust and damage. Your local drive-thru car wash can get your car sparkling clean in any weather while you stay dry and toasty inside. Also, consider getting an undercarriage wash that will clean off dirt and salt from the road.  

Keep Your Electric Vehicle Winter-Ready, and Enjoy Your Drive!

Preparing your EV for cold weather means learning a few new tricks, but if you follow our tips, you’ll be great at cold-weather car care. Winter driving should be easy and fun, and our team wants you to enjoy cozy travels in a shiny, clean car. Stop in at your nearby Quick Quack Car Wash today, and we’ll get you ready for the road!