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Green Car Wash—Green Vehicles

Did you know that Quick Quack Car Wash is a Green Certified Car Wash? Our express car wash features a water reclamation system that captures up to 99 percent of the water used which then goes through our filtration system. This process makes the water cleaner and reusable for another wash.  

Our car wash is safe for many different types of vehicles, including green vehicles. Green vehicles, also known as eco-friendly or low-emission vehicles, are vehicles designed to have a lower impact on the environment than traditional vehicles that run on fossil fuels. These vehicles use alternative energy sources or hybrid power systems that combine traditional fuel sources with cleaner technologies, such as electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels. Some examples of green vehicles include:  

Electric vehicles (EVs)

These vehicles use electricity stored in batteries to power an electric motor. They produce zero emissions and are considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of vehicles.  

Hybrid vehicles

These vehicles combine a traditional gasoline or diesel engine with an electric motor to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. 


The acidity in pollen could stain and erode your car’s clear coatThe longer pollen stays on your car higher the risk it can permeate into the paint and cause the paint to pit and fade. Rinsing your car with water is not enough. You need to wash your car thoroughly to remove pollen’s harmful effects. Waxing your car after a wash can offer additional protection to your car’s finish.

Tree Sap. Bird Droppings. Dead Bugs.

These elements are not only unsightly but could also damage your car’s paint. If left for too long, tree sap can etch into the clear coat and leave permanent stains behind. At Quick Quack, we use a special Bug Blaster on your car’s bumper, windshield and side mirrors to break down the gunk while being gentle on paint.  

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs)

These vehicles have a larger battery than hybrid vehicles and can be charged by plugging into an electrical outlet. They can run on electricity alone for a limited distance before switching to the traditional engine. 

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

These vehicles use a fuel cell to generate electricity from hydrogen and oxygen to power an electric motor. They emit only water vapor and are considered one of the cleanest types of vehicles.  

Biofuel vehicles

These vehicles use renewable fuels made from plants, such as ethanol or biodiesel, instead of traditional gasoline or diesel. They produce fewer emissions and are considered a more sustainable alternative.  

Green vehicles can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which can have a positive impact on the environment and human health. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can support environmentally friendly car washes when you visit Quick Quack Car Wash. Our eco-friendly soaps and water conservation system not only preserves natural resources, but gets your car clean, fast.