Red truck driving thru a quick quack car wash

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Truck Looking Brand New

 With the cost of new trucks on the rise, buying one is a serious investment. You want to protect that investment and ensure you get the most out of your truck when you sell it later. With some solid tips from the experts, you can keep your truck looking brand-new no matter how long you own it. 

Wash Your Truck Often

Experts recommend that you wash your truck every two weeks. You pick up road dust and other debris just from driving to work, running errands, or off-roading on weekends. With a car wash membership for multiple vehicles, you save every time you wash any vehicle your family owns.  

Choose the Right Parking Spots

Nothing affects your truck’s value as much as body damage does. When you park, look for spots that are far removed from other vehicles, such as those near the back of the lot. Use caution parking under or around trees, too. Debris from their branches can easily ding your truck. 

Inspect Your Truck Weekly

Every week, take a few minutes to inspect your truck and look for anything stuck to the paint. You might find tree sap or bird feces left behind. If you can’t get to a car wash, use a little soap and water with a soft mitt or cloth to remove the debris from the paint. You may want to do a visual inspection every time you hop in your truck, too. Bird droppings are one of the worst things you can find on your truck. They eat through paint and leave behind dark stains. 

Clean the Interior

While it’s important to protect your truck’s exterior from the elements, you also need to protect the inside. Spray detailing products work great, but you should also consider visiting a car wash with vacuum machines. Use the vacuum to get rid of crumbs and other debris from between the seats and on the floors. You can also vacuum under the seats. 

Use Floor Mats

Most truck brands either include floor mats or let you add them when you buy your new truck. Floor mats go a long way toward preventing damage to your truck’s floors. You’ll find branded designs and others that use popular characters, designs or colors. They’re easy to take out and wipe off, and they cut down on how often you need to vacuum. 

Consider a Truck Cover

For the ultimate in protection, add a truck cover. These covers come in different designs that cover the cab and bed along with the hood. You don’t need to worry about bird droppings, tree sap or wild animals scratching the paint. It’s easy to take off the cover and tuck it into the bed when you need to drive the truck. 

All these tips help you protect and preserve your truck to keep it looking brand new. Trust Quick Quack when you want to wash your new truck monthly, daily or even weekly.