How to Keep Your Car Clean During a Long Road Trip

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean on Long Road Trip

Road trips offer excellent opportunities to bond with your family while going on the adventure of a lifetime. Of course, things can get messy in between stops when you have kids occupying the backseat of your vehicle. Luckily, we have compiled several tips you can use to make cleanup more manageable and keep your car in peak condition during extended drives and family road trips.

Bring Dedicated Trash Bags

Road trips often involve tons of snacking on items with small, disposable packaging. Rather than let all the candy wrappers and soda cans fall to the floor, designate a garbage bag where all the waste must go during the drive. Ensure everyone puts their trash in the bag as soon as they finish eating or drinking. This will prevent the garbage from piling up at your feet and improve the smell inside the vehicle.

Use a Backseat Organizer

Children will not always share your goal of keeping the car clean, so use an organizer tool to help keep your kids on track. These nifty accessories attach to the backseat of your car and have pouches and compartments for all the road trip essentials your kids demand. From snack slots to tablet holders, these organizers offer a convenient spot for everything that will keep your kids distracted during long drives. Then, you simply need to check on the backseat every so often to see if drink lids are placed correctly or if the trash bag is being used.

Maintain Steady Airflow

Stale air and obnoxious odors can quickly envelop the inside of your car during long trips. When possible, roll down the windows and let fresh air cycle through the vehicle. If the weather is not suitable for this, use an air freshener accessory to keep unwanted scents at bay.

Keep Floor Mats Clear

The floor mats of your car are designed to absorb some dirt from your shoes as you enter the vehicle. When your whole family goes on a camping trip or performs other outdoor activities, the amount of dirt dragged in is substantially more than normal. Rather than bog down your floor mats with all that excess grime, have each person stomp their feet before getting back into the vehicle.

Apply Car Wax Before Traveling

A coat of wax can fortify your car’s paint job before you go on journeying long distances. Our best car wax will protect the clear coat from scratches and prevent debris from sticking to the exterior.

Add Quick Quack to Your List of Stops

No road trip is complete without a visit to your closest express car wash. Our car washing experts will ensure your ride looks sharp regardless of where your journey takes you. While on the road, search “car wash near me” on your phone, and look for the closest Quick Quack to give your car the care it deserves.