Car driving in the snow

Safety First

Tips for Safe Winter Road Trips in the Snow

Everyone always talks about summer road trips, but a winter road trip can be just as fun and exciting. It’s the perfect time to trade in the sun and sand at the beach house for the snow and warm fireplace at that cozy cabin. But when you travel through snowy conditions, getting to your destination can be a little tricky. Keep yourself safe with these winter road trip tips. 

Check the Weather Forecast and Make a Plan

Before you set out on the road, do some research. Check the weather forecast for the cities along your route as well as your destination. If conditions look like they’ll be treacherous, you may want to change your travel dates. If you decide to go anyway, make a note of places where you can stop to eat or spend the night if you need a break from the weather.  

Visit a Car Wash Before You Leave

Going to your local car wash may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to driving in winter, but a clean car can be quite beneficial in the snow. Cleaning your windows and adding rain repellent can help improve visibility and prevent streaks and spots due to moisture from building up on the glass. You can take advantage of this feature when you sign up for a Quick Quack unlimited car wash membership. Keeping your car clean during the winter can also help your sensors, cameras and lights work better, particularly in snowy conditions.  

Pack Some Emergency Items

Don’t just pack your clothes and personal care items. Make sure you have a few emergency supplies on hand. At the very least, consider bringing a first-aid kit, an ice scraper, a flashlight, sand or kitty litter, a snow shovel and flares. You’ll also want to include some extra-warm blankets and clothing, food, water and a phone charger.  

Do Some Routine Maintenance

Cold weather can impact your car’s performance. Make sure to do some routine maintenance before you leave. Inflate the tires, and check your fluid levels. Fill up your gas tank, and check your battery. Verify that your lights and windshield wipers are working properly.  

Make Sure You Know How to Drive in Icy Conditions

Before you leave, brush up on the proper way to drive in snowy conditions. Drive slowly and cautiously at all times. Avoid accelerating quickly or braking suddenly, especially when driving on hills. When driving in traffic, avoid following the cars in front of you too closely. Don’t drive with ice or snow built up on your windows.  

If you do hit a patch of ice and find yourself skidding down the road, don’t slam on your brakes. Steer carefully in the direction you want to go. Avoid using cruise control. Stay aware of bridges and overpasses. They can freeze faster than the rest of the roadway.  

No matter how frosty the conditions this winter, you can always count on a warm welcome at Quick Quack, so stop by a location near you before heading out of town.