Travel Safely With Your Pet on a Rainy Road Trip

When you take your pets on a road trip, you’ll want them to feel safe in the car, especially when the roads are wet. With these tips, you can manage the drive with confidence when it’s raining. 

Prepare Your Car for the Trip

First, get your car road-ready so that you and your pet will be safe when it rains. Schedule a maintenance check before any long trip. Make sure your wipers are clean, and replace any worn blades. Also, take a look at your tires and check their air pressure. If the tread is worn below one-sixteenth of an inch, think about installing new tires that will provide better wet-weather traction. For the finishing touch, treat your car to a wash at Quick Quack. 

Take Your Pet to the Vet

Now that your car is in shape, your pet needs a checkup, too. It’s important to see that your dog or cat’s vaccinations, ID tags or microchips are current. Get a collar and tags for the trip, and keep a physical copy of your pet’s vaccination records in the car. Ask your vet for advice about keeping your furry friend calm during storms. They may recommend a mild pet-friendly sedative to make the journey easier. 

Pack a Pet Travel Kit

For a great trip with your pet, you’ll need the right supplies. Pack food, water and collapsible bowls. Remember to include your pet’s favorite toys and treats. You’ll also need to take along grooming aids and a leash or harness. Don’t forget plastic baggies or litter! Also stock up on a few microfiber towels for drying your furry friend after a walk in the rain. 

Get a Travel Carrier or Harness

To keep your pets safe when you’re driving, secure them in well-ventilated travel carriers or travel harnesses. This will help them feel secure if they hear thunder and protect them from bumps in the road. You can help your pets get used to their carriers by putting treats inside them when you’re at home. 

Drive Carefully

Driving with a pet can be tense for both of you, so it’s important to use extra caution when the weather is damp. Stay alert at stop signs and red lights. Turn on your headlights and reduce your speed whenever the pavement is wet. This will increase your stopping distance and reduce your risk of hydroplaning if you need to brake suddenly. Slow down and brake gently whenever you need to turn, and avoid making any sudden movements. 

Keep Your Pets Happy When It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Rain or shine, traveling with your pets can be fun if you plan ahead, stay flexible and pack plenty of treats. The folks at Quick Quack Car Wash want to help you have wonderful adventures with your furry friend in your shiny, clean car. Come in for an express car wash and enjoy your time on the road!