How to Beat the Cold and Stay Healthy

The frigid temperatures that come in winter can make it tempting to spend more time indoors with a blanket and a hot beverage. However, staying active during the chilliest months of the year is vital to preserving your family’s overall physical and mental well-being. Consistently leaving the house for exercise or family fun is an effective way to forget about the cold and focus on bonding with the special people in your life. These tips will help you and your loved ones stay healthy no matter how low the temperatures dip. 

Maintain a Consistent Exercise Schedule

 Your ability to deal with the cold depends heavily on your perspective. It is possible to view chilly winds as a deterrent from walking or running, but the brisk weather will also allow you to exercise for longer without overheating. The extra body heat generated by aerobic exercise can further mitigate the conditions outside. Once you get going, you may be surprised at just how comfortable winter jogging can be.  

Start a consistent exercise schedule to help build up momentum and form a good habit. Making your run or walk habitual will allow you to push through the days with record-low temperatures when your motivation is at its lowest. Including as many family members or friends as possible will make exercise time pass quickly while keeping everyone accountable and on target. 

Plan a Series of Fun Activities

Getting your kids out of the house may prove challenging without some incentive to put on multiple layers of clothing. Venturing outside at all is enough to obtain valuable vitamin D from sunlight. However, you can choose a fun activity that provides a great deal of exercise to boot. Family favorites like sledding and ice skating come to mind. Afterward, you can stop by a restaurant or get a drive-thru car wash while everyone is out on the road together.  

Keep the Water Flowing

While conventional wisdom reminds us to always stay hydrated in summer, your water intake is just as important in cold weather. You may not get very thirsty when heat is nowhere to be found, but your body wants a steady volume of the vital liquid all the same. Staying hydrated will provide more energy for exercise while allowing you to make better choices that affect your overall health. 

Limit the Time You Spend on Electronic Distractions

Winter months and snow days often lead to an increase in electronics usage. Sitting around in front of screens all day isn’t good for anyone. Consider imposing limits on how long the TV, computer or cellphones can be used each day.  

Stay on Top of Your Winter Tasks

Optimizing wellness during winter requires massive discipline and a schedule you can stick with. Making a list of musts like workouts or getting a car wash can help you follow through. Visit a Quick Quack near you to keep your vehicles squeaky clean all year long.